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Internship program in Social Farming

About Botildenborg

Botildenborg is a prize winning meeting place and an urban farm in Malmö. We use food and farming as tools for social change and uses multidisciplinary activities to reach social, economic and environmental sustainability.


Through its different projects/initiatives, Botildenborg has become one of the most innovative places in the Nordics contributing to 13 UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


The Botildenborg internship in Social Farming is an experiential learning that aims to bring together people interested in sustainable food production through social innovation practices.  


The application for 2024 is still open!

Are you interested in applying for the programme 2025? Leave your email and we will contact you when the application is open.


Marie-Lisa Feller


Botildenborg is a welcoming and open place full of lovely, diverse, and caring people with great expertise. I’ve learned not only a lot about growing veggies, microgreens, or mushrooms but also about community, cooperation, and culture in Sweden and beyond.

Lübeck, Germany


About the farm

Botildenborg’s 7000m2 Urban Farm consists of a school garden for children, a social garden for Malmö inhabitants and a market garden that produces 6 tons of vegetables annually.
The farm is designed on permaculture principles and all food production follows bio-intensive and ecological practices.  

What you will gain from this program

We offer an inspiring, real-life experience in creating a long lasting societal change using urban farming and social gardening practices. During your time with us you will:

  • Learn about the entrepreneurial & theoretical aspects of small scale farming and apply your knowledge directly on running a commercial market garden 

  • Participate in our school garden program with children 

  • Work with our social gardening project that focuses on building bridges between cultures and communities

  • Support the organization of the markets that are held once a month.

  • Support and get involved in the administration of the farm shop.

  • Get the chance to learn and run workshops about different ways of producing vegetables 

  • Take part in Stadsbruk's farming incubator to develop your entrepreneurial skills.

  • Get involved in our social kitchen to experience cooking and working along with a diverse group of participants from our work-training project.

  • Take part in field trips to visit different types of projects related to urban agriculture in Malmö.  

You will be provided work clothes and daily lunch from our kitchen.


The farming activities can range from spring preparations, seedling production, planting, greenhouse management, to weekly harvests and selling a wide range of produce to Botildenborg’s customers throughout summer and fall through via our farmshop. Botildenborg’s farm shop is collectively run by students on weekdays during the harvest season (May-Oct).  

Program duration

This program is offered March to the end of November.
Each period lasts 3 months with the possibility of extension for students who wish to stay longer. Minimum duration is 2 months. 
Students are required to attend the farm Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm, and a few selected Sundays during the year for the farmers market.

Physical requirement

Please note that our responsibilities in the field are physically demanding and take place throughout the season's weather changes. Students are encouraged to apply for the program only if they are comfortable with the physical requirements of farming.


Criteria for selection

The selection committee looks highly upon applicants who can articulate the ways in which the program fits their long-term learning and career goals, as well as applicants who have demonstrated experience or a commitment to organic farming and local food systems. A strong interest in the development of social projects around farming and gardening is an asset.

Are you our next urban farmer? Apply in the link!

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